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Mutual Fund Directors Forum Events

The Mutual Fund Directors Forum regularly hosts educational programs on a wide variety of current topics of interest to mutual fund independent directors. These programs include single day in-person seminars, multi-day conferences, web-based programs, and informal networking discussions.  For more information about any of these programs, click on the event title in the list.  

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Date Location Event
September 09, 2014 Minneapolis, MN Director Discussion Series - Open Forum
September 10, 2014 Forum Webinar Series Stewardship Grades and Parent Ratings: How Morningstar Evaluates Investment Firms
September 17, 2014 Forum Webinar Series Money Market Fund Reform: What the Board Needs to Know
September 18, 2014 Greenwich, CT Director Discussion Series - Open Forum
September 23, 2014 Forum Webinar Series Business Development Companies (BDCs) - What Directors Should Know
September 30, 2014 Washington, DC Director Discussion Series - Open Forum
October 07, 2014 New York, New York Conference of Fund Leaders Roundtable
October 08, 2014 New York, NY The Evolving Distribution Landscape - Considerations for Fund Directors
October 14, 2014 San Francisco, CA Director Discussion Series - Open Forum
October 28, 2014 Forum Webinar Series The Distribution Dilemma for Closed-End Funds
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