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Conference of Fund Leaders

The Conference of Fund Leaders (CFL) is a permanent entity for independent board chairs and lead independent directors of mutual funds in the United States. Through its roundtables, and steering and other committees, the CFL provides a unique opportunity for the independent leaders of fund boards to come together with their peers to discuss governance issues that board leaders and their funds face; proactively present their views on policy matters important to fund investors and independent directors, regulators and lawmakers; and promote research into the value and impact of effective, independent leadership at mutual funds.

CFL Steering Committee

Activities of the Conference of Fund Leaders are guided by a Steering Committee composed of the following individuals:

Ashok Bakhru - Independent Chair, Goldman Sachs Funds

Peter Clapman - Former Chair, AARP Funds; Advisory Board, Millstein Center

Bruce CrockettIndependent Chair, Invesco Funds

John Hill - Putnam Funds; Advisory Board, Millstein Center

Allan Reich Independent Chair, Oakmark Funds

CFL Events

  CFL Roundtable June 4, 2018
  CFL Roundtable December 5, 2017
  CFL Roundtable June 18, 2017
  CFL Roundtable February 21, 2017
  CFL Roundtable May 25, 2016
  CFL Roundtable November 10, 2015
  CFL Roundtable June 3, 2015
  CFL Roundtable October 7, 2014
  CFL Roundtable March 4, 2014
  CFL Roundtable November 11, 2013
  CFL Roundtable June 18, 2013
  CFL Roundtable February 19, 2013
  CFL Roundtable April 24, 2012
  CFL Roundtable November 14, 2011
  CFL Roundtable October 5, 2010
  CFL Roundtable March 1, 2010
  CFL Roundtable June 24, 2009
  CFL Roundtable October 27, 2008