ACA Guidance on Safe and Effective Virtual Meetings

As the global health crisis continues to impact how business is conducted, concerns such as privacy and cybersecurity are even more important. ACA Compliance in recent guidance lists some measures that can enhance teleconferencing security. Recommended actions include:

  • Ensure that latest version of conferencing software is in use and keep it up to date with software patches
  • Use unique meeting numbers and PINs for calls needing to remain confidential 
  • Require the use of a waiting room and organizer approval for callers to enter the room 
  • Take roll call against the number attendees and close entry once that's been reached
  • Insist on user permission to record any conference
  • Review and understand vendor permissions regarding content storage and access – read the terms and conditions
  • Use corporate conference tool accounts, not personal accounts
  • When setting up an account, use strong passwords/PINs, and ideally multi-factor authentication
  • Turn on the microphone only when it's needed; mute when it's not
  • Secure any sensitive documents if conducting a video chat
  • Use virtual backgrounds or blur backgrounds during video chats
  • Ensure that participants understand what information can be discussed and recorded (avoid sensitive info if possible)
  • Disable any file sharing tools within the software