SEC Nominee, Peirce Testify Before Senate Panel

Caroline Crenshaw, a seven-year staffer at the SEC who the White House nominated to fill Robert Jackson’s seat on the Commission, testified recently before a Senate panel that despite the economy’s current unprecedented challenges,  “we must do all we can to keep our markets transparent, competitive, and safe.” Crenshaw told the panel the critical mission of the SEC influenced her choice to transition from private practice to public service. She most recently served as counsel to former Commissioners Kara Stein and Robert Jackson. Crenshaw underscored her commitment to helping Main Street investors and her support for related regulation. “The Commission should provide tools that allow individuals to distinguish between financial advisers and fraudsters and to fund their retirements in safe and sustainable ways. These tools include clear, plain-English information and access to high-quality investment advice.”  Commissioner Hester Peirce also testified before the Senate panel as she was nominated to serve an additional term. Peirce praised the SEC’s accomplishments during her tenure, including Reg BI and ETF regulations. Peirce lauded emerging technologies in the markets and said she would redouble her efforts to create a more welcoming environment for innovation and new entrants to the market.