New Features on MFDF Website

The Forum launched a new website and underlying database this past March, simplifying navigation to access MFDF’s white papers, comment letters, and News Feed and adding new, exciting features. One specific feature is "Your Message History." When users are logged in at, there is a link to My Account in the upper right corner, which links the user’s self-service portal. Inside the portal, in the lower right quadrant of the home screen, users can review their Message History. The Message History is a record of every email the Forum has sent from our contact management system since March 2020. This includes program invitations and confirmation emails for Forum, password update requests, and other announcements. The history also includes any attachments to these emails, such as attendee lists that were emailed to program participants. Anyone can create user credentials to register for programs and access the self-service portal at by clicking the Request an Account link at the top of the website.

We have recorded a short video tour to show users where to find and how to review your Message History, as well as some other new functionality. Take the tour here. We hope that this new functionality adds to your experience with the Forum.