SS&C Publishes White Paper on Interval Funds

In a recent white paper titled “Navigating Interval Funds: Bringing Alternative Strategies to the Mass Affluent Market,” SS&C offers insights into the alternatives market landscape. The paper highlights the various structures that managers use to package liquid alternatives into retail products such as mutual funds, listed closed-end funds, tender offer and interval funds, as well as non-traded funds such as BDCs. The paper touches on the “pros and cons” of each wrapper, noting that “each structure ultimately has its own unique reward and risk profile and delivers on some of the key benefits desired  from alternative investments.” SS&C also provides interesting data points around the rise of interval funds, noting that as of 2023, there are 93 interval funds with an AUM of over $75 billion. The paper makes a few recommendations for managers to consider including strategy, brand fit, distribution, and operational considerations, among other factors. 

Click here to read the SS&C White Paper on Interval Funds.